Can you feel your vehicle?

is an intelligent Trip Computer software. It works on Android, Windows and Apple smartphones, CarPCs and builtin car audio systems. Its primary interest is running all the time in your car, sensor statistics collection and analysis via OBD-II link.

Used netbook previously - now I have everything in my pocket to diagnose my car

Excellent App! Works fine on Omnia i900. Definitely one of the best app in this category - and i ve tested nearly everything since 2005

Color indication and value charts are looking great in car's interior. hobDrive gives huge support in driving conditions control!

Brilliant app!

I have a Diesel and was surprised about fuel consumption accuracy with default settings. It's better accuracy than with many proprietary onboard computers.

Full platform stack supported
Android phones and tablets
Windows Phone 8/8.1 phones and tablets
Apple iPhone, iPad
WM 5/6, Embedded WinCE, in-vehicle 2DIN systems
Windows XP/Vista/7/8 laptops, tablets and carputers
Linux carputers, embedded: RPi, Beaglebone.

Linked with ELM327 OBD-II vehicle adapter, hobDrive fetches all the data and gives you a great explanation of your vehicle internals. It tells you how efficient you are at driving, how hard the external conditions are, how good your vehicle feels.

Check out the list of supported ECUs in hobdrive.

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hobDrive is compatible with most part of modern vehicles. Check with our Vehicle compatibility list.

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How to try?

You always may try out free before buying . is the core of hobDrive, it provides only basic Trip Computer functionality - but it is free and has opensourced core.

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